Minutes of BTF Exec Committee 7th Oct 2016

Bexhill Town Forum

Minutes of BTF Exec Committee 7th Oct 2016Minutes of BTF Exec Committee 7th Oct 2016

No apologies presented

Minutes of Meeting 9th Sept 16

Accepted as read.

Publication of BTF Exec Committe Minutes

It was suggested that posting committee minutes in general format on the website should be considered.  Proposed: CB, Seconded: PW, Passed.

Proposal for Business Only Meeting

The AGM of 2nd Sept 2016 highlighted issues around inclusion and participation of the public in meetings.  A proposal was made for an open business meeting to discuss the programme for 2016/17 to be held on 18th Nov 2016 at the Pelham Hotel and for publication on the BTF website.  The Chair requested a show of hands.  Accepted with one abstention and 1 against.

Update on RDC Meeting: Not completed, for discussion at a later date.

Programme for 2017

The committee discussed programme appeal for all community members and, within…

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