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Minutes of Executive Meeting held on Fri 11th November 2016

Present:     BTF Exec Committee

Apologies:   RG, SW

  1.  Minutes of Previous Meeting:   Approved and published on BTF Website
  2. Proposed Agenda for Business Meeting 18/11/16:

Adoption of Constitution to be put to membership on 18/11/16.  Distribution of email prior to 18/11/16 for discussion.  Voting: 4 For, 2 Absentions

Development & Site Allocation Plan – Rother District Council:

Options and Preferred Options to be presented at the BTF Forum on Fri 10th Feb 2017 by Tim Hickling, Services Manager, Strategy & Planning.  This meeting would clarify group input and individual representations to local councils

Motion to discuss name change for Forum:

Name change proposed to change to Bexhill Community Voice.  Agreement not reached and further discussion needed

Update on meeting with RDC and Voting Slips for Priority Areas:

Topics List: Agreed by committee.  List already made available to RDC…

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