A vacancy exists for new committee members and Secretary to support the aims of the forum to bring relevant and topical information to the residents of Bexhill.  Please contact bexhilltownforum@gmail.com if you would like to find out more.

Committee members :

Hugh La Trobe

Roger Gillett

Christine Bayliss

Stephen Westlake

Elise Liversedge

Sam Coleman

Youth Council representative:  To be advised

RDC representative:  Cllr Joy Hughes

Taking the Town Forum forward 

The committee is made up of eight members including a chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer.  Its job is to liaise with decision makers and influencers in the town, including voluntary groups and the district and county councils; and to keep a close eye on what is happening to, and being planned for, our town.  In addition, it actively maintains contact with all interested members of Bexhill’s community to ensure understanding of what matters to the people for whom the Forum exists.  Through these means the committee identifies key topics to be addressed at public forums, and sets up forum evenings for presentations and discussions.

Across the eight committee members there needs to be a broad range of skills available to enable the committee to undertake its work effectively.  These skills include:

  • Communication in the form of ability to speak publicly, write, produce publicity, contact potential contributors, contact members
  • Leadership and influencing
  • Financial management, dealing with the bank, managing accounts, paying bills, planning budgets
  • Creativity in order to produce materials and organise events
  • Internet working to maintain the Forum’s website and Facebook page, to handle its emails and maintain its records

Do you believe that you have one, or some, of these skills to offer to support the Forum in becoming an even more effective body that will help to make Bexhill an even greater place?  If so, please contact us, either directly though our email address: bexhilltownforum@gmail.com, or through the website’s contact page at bexhilltownforum.co.uk.

An executive committee looks after the business of the Forum.

It consists of eight to ten voting members and is supported by a non-voting, non-political, representative of Rother District Council, and a non-voting representative of Bexhill’s Youth Council.