Minutes BTF Executive Committee 9th Sept 2017

In the absence of elected Chairperson, temporary lead in place.  New members C Bayliss and P Walker welcomed and background and ethos given to new members.

Minutes of Executive Committee meeting of 12/8/16 .  

Accepted as read. Change made to reference to refreshments only.

Minutes of BTF Public Meeting of 2/9/16.

Not currently  available, being prepared by outgoing Treasurer.  To be made available through the website.

Vacant Committee Positions

Aims and requirements of the committee were considered.  Posts filled as follows after agreement with the committee:

Chair                                    –     C Bayliss          –     Proposed CF, Seconded HLT

Treasurer /Vice Chair     –      P Walker          –     Proposed HLT, Seconded CF

Secretary                            –      C Foote             –     Proposed CB, Seconded HLT

Dates for 2017 Forums agreed, topics as listed:

Friday 10 Feb 17       –     St Peter’s Community Hall, Old Town, Governance

Tues     16 May 17      –     Little Common Community Centre    Safer Community Cycling

Friday  22 Sept 17     –     Sidley Baptist Church              Parking

Tues     21 Nov 17      –     St Peter’s Community Hall, Old Town    Topic TBA

Date of next meeting: Friday 14th Oct 2016, Pelham Hotel, 40 Holliers Hill, Bexhill